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Block 24, by Evan Tyler

Guest Post: Block 24 by Evan Tyler: A Review by esteemed guest blogger Alida Hartmann Gauss.

I recently had the chance to meet amazing, mutlitalented author Evan Tyler at the NOLA 2014 Author event.  Her newly published Block 24 is different, intense, and taking the indie world by storm.  It had quite an impact on our guest blogger, Alida, who was moved to write her first review ever!  I'm delighted to welcome Alida, an awesome reader and friend, and to share her heartfelt thoughts, below.


A re-emergence of the past…

Natalie Clarke might be spiteful at best and vicious at worst, but was that reason enough for Phillip Gise to leave her lonely and diseased? Fortunately, she has a set of devious plans that just might keep her busy enough to forget her present situation.

Guy Lewis has played Best Friend Extraordinaire to Natalie since grade school, supporting her through all of her daily drama. This time around, Guy runs into his own troubles when his fierce, wealthy manager gives him the type of attention he never asked for…or expected.

Julia Clarke, Natalie’s younger sister, has arrived in Brooklyn to uncover their grandmother’s secret life in Block 24, the site of Auschwitz’s little-known brothel. What Julia discovers proves more relevant in the present age than ever before.

Both heady and sobering, Block 24 is a look at the ways evil from the past can so insidiously visit the present.

Alida's Review

Block 24 is a profoundly gripping book. I was held captive by each of the characters in this book. This is not a light read if that is what you are looking for. It is raw and deep and amazingly written. I am still thinking about the characters and their stories in this book, weeks after I finished it. The way Evan brings the past to the present and blends them together is artful. I wish I were a writer so I could better express what an amazing book Block 24 is.

Fred's Notes

Evan & me, NOLA 2014
I love Alida's review - straight to the heart! And as I mentioned, I was lucky enough to meet Evan not long ago, and to experience first hand not only her outsized charm and kindness, but the enthusiasm of the readers who've responded to her lyrical, poignant and mature novel. Block 24 is different from a lot of the NA hitting the market now. It's informed and infused by the past, by the deep ties of history, and family, and pain. I highly commend it to your attention, and as Alida's review makes clear, it's one of those books that will resonate, long after you've finished.

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Thanks for joining the Still seeking allies team, Alida Hartmann Gauss, great having you here!

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