Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Terrific Talented Trio Takes Over Today! #FredsMacViSheaPromoDay!

It's a trifecta of win here at Still seeking allies, as we're joined by three amazing authors. Today the blog will be visited by three spirited, unchained women bearing teasers and an awesome Rafflecopter! 

Rebecca Shea

Expect our first visitor, USA Today Bestselling author Rebecca Shea, to float in at around 10am.  We'll learn a little about Rebecca, including a sneak peek at the COMPLETE PROLOGUE of her newest release in her "Unbreakable" series, "Undone," and have the chance to win a copy signed by Rebecca herself!  We're definitely "keyed  up" to have Rebecca here!

Vi Keeland

Expect our second visitor at around 2pm.  Vi Keelanda self-described boring attorney by day, and an exciting New York Times and USA Today Best Selling smut author by night, will join us with a "fighting chance" to win some sweet swag, and a link to the first chapter of her hot new release in her "MMA Fighter" series, Worth The Chance. We're so ready to get vibrant with Vi, it's like a Christmas present or something!

J.L. Mac

The third of our visitors will arrive when the last stroke of six pm has ceased to vibrate. USA Today Bestselling Author J.L. Mac will share the FULL PROLOGUE of her highly anticipated novel Vital Sign! This is an exclusive first look at this highly awaited read, and we are thrilled that lil ole Still seeking allies is able to bring it to you!  J.L. will also be offering a chance to win a signed copy of her just released Seven Years of Bad Luck in the mega-Rafflecopter
extravaganza.  No need to run headlong from the spectral embrace of "nothing awesome to read" with this available!  It's a #MacAttack and we can't hardly wait!

Thanks so much to our spirited trio, we're delighted to have them here, and to share their gifts!  Don't forget to return to experience the mystery, the delight and the joy they'll bring as today's events fulfill the promise of charismatic characters, stupendous storytelling and a richly generous Rafflecopter!

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