Monday, May 28, 2012

Whatever It Takes, by Lindsay Paige, Pre-Release Party and Giveaway

I'm delighted to be able to continue being a part of the pre-release party for Lindsay's awesome new book, Whatever It Takes. WIT is the third volume in Lindsay's Bold As Love series that began with Sweetness and continued with I'm Yours. Today Lindsay herself will be joining us for a wide-ranging interview, covering her covers (!), some musical thoughts, and insights into Lindsay's tv, book and movie habits. We also touch a little bit on some deeper issues relating to Lindsay's life and emotions. So take a look! Lindsay is always open, direct and thoughtful, and this q and a is no exception. And at the bottom of the page, you'll find an awesome, easy to enter giveaway, too!

Can you tell us a little bit about the covers on Sweetness and I’m Yours? Is that you on the swing? And who’s that with you on I’m Yours? Who took the pictures? How does the cover of Whatever It Takes relate to the story? You have some cool photos on your fb page, did you take those for a class, or just for fun? Is photography a hobby of yours?

Sure! I love talking about covers. That is me on the covers. On I'm Yours, I'm with my brother, Ethan. On Whatever It Takes, I'm with my brother, Brian.

My mom took the pictures for the first two covers and Brian's girlfriend took the picture for the third book. Whatever It Takes cover is set on a local community college campus. The cover relates to the story because it shows that they are united. Brian's arm is securely around my waist, showing that Jake isn't letting Emily go anyway. As you can see, my arm isn't as secure around his waist, but I am turned in towards him just a bit, which shows that Emily will be leaning on Jake quite a bit.

I did take those for a class. I'm taking digital photography and those pictures are the results. :) Photography is a hobby of mine as well.

There’s a lot of music in your books, including the title of I’m Yours. Tell us about some of your favorite artists. Is the title of Whatever It Takes related to a song, or what made you think of it as the title?

I'm Yours is related to Jason Mraz's song titled the same and it has to do with Emily telling Jake that she is indeed his. Whatever It Takes is related to Lifehouse's song titled the same and with what Jake says he'll do for Emily. I really think it's cool when the title of a book is something that is said in the book and that's what I did, in addition to the songs.

I notice that you have a lot of country in the mix, but you like pop and rock, too. Up north here, kids tend to like country or rock, not both. Is it more typical to like both where you live?

I’m not sure I would classify it as "typical", but I will say that it's common.

What artists have you seen live and what did you think about that experience.

I have seen tons of artists live! I've seen Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Nickelback (twice!), Puddle of Mudd, Rascal Flatts, Finger Eleven, Taylor Swift, and Brad Paisley to name a few.

How did you ever get to be a Penguins fan, living where you do? Is this a Crosby thing? Which came first, the Penguins or the Crosby?

I do love the Pens! I always go see them play when they play the Carolina Hurricanes. I love your last question. Penguins came first, because I'm a huge fan of the animal, and then Crosby came.

From some of your blog posts and status updates, I've noticed that you seem to be a big TVD fan, what other shows do you regularly watch? Any impact on your stories?

The Good Wife and Bones. The rest of my favorite shows, I don't watch as much as these. Not really an impact on my stories.

If you feel like talking about it, how’s your relationship with your dad now? Do you think his drinking problems contributed to your anxiety issues and panic attacks? Lots of kids with alcoholic parents (my wife’s dad was one, too), struggle a lot with issues from that. Has your therapy helped you with that? Do you think your therapy has helped with your writing? You seem very reflective and self-aware, which seems like a good therapy outcome, and also would help with writing, no?

The only relationship I have with my father is custody over my dog, Bartley. I think his drinking problems have an impact on my anxiety. My therapy has been extremely helpful with dealing with the anger and other emotions. My therapy has helped with my writing as well, especially in Don't Panic. That is true. I have to be reflective and self-aware in order to better control my anxiety.

Finally, any movies that you would consider your favorites? You mentioned Cars II in Sweetness, but how about some that have brought your dreams and fantasies to life?

A Walk to Remember for one. Fast and Furious are another favorite. I don't think I've watched any movies that have "brought my dreams and fantasies to life" as you say as much as books have.

OK, Here's that awesome giveaway I was telling you about! Enter below for lots of chances to win all three of Lindsay's awesome books, plus your choice of a B&N or Amazon $25 gift card!

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  1. Where have I been?!?!? How have I missed this wonderful page? So glad BA brought Lindsey into my daily threads. Thanks for a more in depth view of Lindsey and her work. Awesome!

    1. Thanks! You are so nice to follow me over, I appreciate your stopping by and participating!

  2. Nice contest, Fred--and great interview! Thanks!

  3. Awesome contest, Fred. Thanks :)

    And, I loved the interview. I didn't know that Lindsay was on the cover of her books and I like how the titles of the books are related to music. Very cool.

    1. Hey Jen, thanks for coming by and your kind words! You are always so thoughtful and encouraging, I really appreciate that!

  4. I am so looking forward to reading Lindsay's books! I have them lined up on my Kindle.. Hi Fred!!!

    1. Hey Girl! You have an awesome chance, good luck, thanks for stoping by!

  5. I'm so excited!!! I was getting anxious to find out the results! Had I not won I was headed over to purchase the books ;) Thanks for being so great Fred! Love your blog and look forward to reading more. :)

    1. Thank you, Jenny! Honestly everyone who entered is so nice, but I'm really happy for you. Take care and enjoy your bountiful winnings!