Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There's A Place - Continuing the "Whatever It Takes," by Lindsay Paige Pre- Release Party!

I'm delighted to be able to continue being a part of the pre-release party for Lindsay's awesome new book, Whatever It Takes. WIT is the third volume in Lindsay's Bold As Love series that began with Sweetness and continued with I'm Yours. Today Lindsay herself will be joining us for a guest post, offering a guided magical mystery tour of some of the spots where the action of the Bold As Love series takes place. Just like Liverpool was the touchstone and wellspring for the Beatles' awesome burst of sixties era creativity,

so Lindsay's books are infused with the idioms, locations and vibe of eastern North Carolina. Let's let her tell us a little bit about it!

Going to Carolina in My Mind, by Lindsay Paige

North Carolina has influenced my writing, to say the least. If you have read my books, you know that there are quite a few "y’alls" and other sayings included. These are things I’ve heard all my life from those around me. I love including old sayings that I hear my grandma say because, honestly, it cracks me up to hear them.

You may wonder whether the memories I have from growing up are also a part of Emily and Jake’s life. In Sweetness, there are some life events that Jake deals with that I, myself, have experienced as well.

For my entire life, I have been dealing with an alcoholic who becomes sober and then about six months to a year later, starts drinking again. Mr. Benson, Jake's Dad, starts heavily drinking due to the tragic loss of his wife. To this day, I still don’t understand why my dad started drinking.

Honestly, I don’t care anymore. But enough about that.

Another thing that my characters like is ice cream. So do I. Ed. note: Me too! My characters love to visit Cold Stone’s and Dairy Queen. Emily also loves Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream.

As you know, the series is set in my home state of North Carolina. Today, I thought it would be fun to share with you some sights of a few places mentioned in the books. Hopefully this will allow you to explore eastern NC without leaving the comfort of your home. (Although, it's a great place to visit!)

Wilmington, NC

Many of the places mentioned in the Bold as Love series are in the city of Wilmington. There's the Chick-Fil-A on Market St., Cold Stone Creamery at Mayfaire Town Center (the upscale and elegant Wilmington mall!), the Mayfaire Cinema 16, etc. Below are some pictures of these places in Wilmington, which is also where One Tree Hill is filmed! Ed. note: little known fact alert (at least to me!)

This location isn't actually in the books, but I thought it was a cool picture, and gives a good feel for what Wilmington looks like from above.

Below is a picture of The Mayfaire Town Center. In the back on the right side, you can see the cinema.

Here's a better look at the cinema, by night and by day. This is where Emily took Drake to see "Cars II," in Sweetness.It really is very nice.

This is the Chick-Fil-A on Market St. Sorry this one's a bit blurry. It's the best I could find.

This is a Cold Stone's. Yummy! (I couldn't find the one at Mayfaire online. Next time I go, I'll grab a picture and share.)

Topsail Island/Surf City, NC and Topsail Beach
Anytime I mention the beach in the series, Topsail is what I'm thinking of.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed going to Carolina in your mind!

Freditor's Note:

I honestly don't know why I got on a Beatles kick with this post, except that their music, in the early days especially, was so steeped in and infused with that special sense of time, place and vibe of the early 60's. Srsly, looking at the picture, I can just feel the damp corduroys and scratchy duffel coats, smell the ever-present fragrance(stench?)of cigarette smoke, and see the cool girls hanging out in their opaque tights and mini-skirts. When getting Beatle-stalgic, it seems almost obligatory to post "In My Life," but I'm gonna go with a slightly more obscure song that's always been one of my favourites (throwing a little English orthography at ya there!). I especially love the images from those early innocent days that are included with it.

"Whatever It Takes," by Lindsay Paige, will release on June 13, 2012. I'll be hosting some more events here later this month, including a giveaway, so please check back, and follow to stay part of things!


  1. Thanks for having me! I enjoyed doing this post.

    1. I hope everybody loves putting images with Jake and Emily's story as much as I did. Thanks so much for appearing here and classing up the joint!