Thursday, September 22, 2011

Double Clutch, by Liz Reinhart

Double Clutch (A Brenna Blixen Novel)Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I realized that I'd used the word "smexy" in several of my last few reviews I started worrying that maybe I was using it wrong. I decided I'd better look it up on Urban Dictionary, and whoa, right next to it was a picture of Brenna Blixen, the MC of this romantic dramarama. This is Brenna's story, and she is quite a girl. After spending a year in Denmark with her mom & stepdad (he's Danish, bit of a backstory) she returns to her old school in New Jersey, but she's changed. Something about her - her sense of herself, her style, her emotional maturity? sets her apart from her classmates, but also makes her irresistible to two guys she meets on the very first day of school. Yes, it's one of those "torn between two hot guys" books, and man Liz Reinhardt knows how to bring that old song to life. Both of the boys are pretty swoon-worthy, and Brenna, while drawn to nice guy Jake despite his sketchy past, is also unable to put snarky, sexy Saxon out of her mind. Brenna has lots to deal with besides the boys, two former best friends who now inexplicably hate each other - school, her t-shirt business, the track team, and her Mom's sensitive attention (she's determined Brenna won't make the same mistake she did, the one that resulted in Brenna). She manages to squeeze in some super sexy times with Jake (yowza, Louisiana hot sauce warning!) and to get to the bottom of the emnity between the two guys. This isn't really a plot book, though, it's a character and emotions book, and by the time the last page rolls around you are so infused with both that you almost have to shake it off to rejoin the real world. I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to more Brenna (yes, there's a teaser chapter for the sequel). This is a self published e-book, and delivers great reading value for a reasonable price. It's the kind of book that gives self-pub a good name!

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  1. Fred, what a fantastic review!!! Thank you for your funny, insightful, detailed words about Brenna's story! You are an amazing reviewer, and I am so flattered you agreed to read and review Double Clutch! I am kvelling! Woot!!

  2. Thanks Liz! You are awesome, and I'm so excited to see you here! Here's hoping Double Clutch finds the audience it deserves!