Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie Review - Super 8

I haven't read a lot of reviews of this, so this might not be "super" original, but this struck me as a combination of ET and Stand By Me. It had an ET-ish kind of plot, but a Stand By Me kind of vibe with the kids who were the main characters. Actually, come to think of it, it was kind of more like "It," where the "Losers Club" had to band together, act more mature than their years to confront a mysterious force that was threatening their town and their families, and in doing so, confront and overcome their own fears and issues as well. And of course in the act of doing so, they forge relationships that are intense and deep. All of the actors were great - I especially liked Charles, the would be director, a charming mix of bluster and vulnerability, and of course Alice. Wow, that kid can act. The first scene where they start filming the home movie - it's like suddenly the movie shifts into a deeper level of emotion and intensity. Like in Star Wars when they leap into hyperspace, it's almost breathtaking. The plot, honestly, didn't do much for me. This was a movie about the characters, the town and the ache of missing what's been lost. It also kind of reminded me of The Wonder Years, my all time favorite tv show, in the way it was able to portray relationships among kids in a realistic, but lyrical way that captures the way we remember the feelings we had at that age. So, I give it a high rating, and definitely recommend it to all my wonderful readers!

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