Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aces Up, by Lauren Barnholdt

Aces UpAces Up by Lauren Barnholdt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was an enjoyable quick read, essentially a first person narrative of a smart girl's stupid choices. Those include a crazy fling with poker playing, hooking up with a sketchy guy, and losing touch with her friends, family and the guy she actually likes and deserves. So, put that way, it doesn't sound so funny, but it really is, due almost exclusively to her quirky and characterful narrative voice, which makes her bad decisions seem comprehensible, if not wise, and give her choices a surface plausibility, even if they are kooky and self-destructive in the short, long and medium runs. So, I liked this book, just not loved, loved, loved it like I did Two Way Street, or One Night that Changes Everything (which it was more like, I'd say). Shannon's unlikely friendship with McKenzie, the tough cookie waitress who inducts her into the casino world is an especially charming and unexpected element. So, a fun read, benefiting from lowered expectations.

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  1. It still sounds cute, even if it wasn't your favorite, but it sounds like it's definitely no Sarah Dessen book :)