Friday, November 22, 2013

Cover Reveal - Clouds That Were, by Addison Footit

Clouds That Were, by debut author Addison Footit, is an intense
New Adult Contemporary set to be self published in early 2014

Have you ever had a nightmare only to awake and find your life is worse than a nightmare?
A child conceived by mistake, born because there was no other option.
Your life is hell. You can't succeed, you can't be happy, you can't even be sad. You can't be anything.
I never thought I would make it to my eighteenth birthday, I figured I'd be dead by then. I just wanted to make my mother happy, and I always knew the only way to succeed at that was by ceasing to exist.
And then I met Chase. He saved me. From her, from myself, and in the end, from death. My life was so dark and cloudy for so long, I never thought I would see the sun. But with Chase, they were merely clouds that were.

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Addison Footit is a major reader about to take that big ole leap of faith into authorhood. She's a YA/NA indie lover, and if you're a fan of awesome indies like Andrea Randall, Michelle Mankin, K.A. Tucker, Aleatha Romig and C.J. Roberts, you'll feel right at home in her angsty but hopeful emotional heartscape. She's also quite the social media maven, so take a like to her at the following spots:

Thanks so much to Kelly, of the amazing Have Book Will Read blog, for organizing Addison's first foray into the love-infested waters of the blog tour world!

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