Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Panic, by Lindsay Paige - Cover Reveal!

Regular visitors to my little bloggy slice 'o heaven know that I am pretty fond of the work of teenage author Lindsay Paige. Lindsay's Bold As Love series is one of my favorites, I love Lindsay's sweet and lyrical style, as well as her intense and drama filled story lines and characters. Lindsay's new book, Don't Panic, is now making its way towards us, and is scheduled to drop shortly after the new year. Here's a peek!

Samantha Branson is having severe anxiety attacks. Her heart beats unusually fast, her breath quickens and her hands sweat. Every detail screams in her head that she is the center of unwanted attention. Everyone can hear her thoughts, her heart and her breathing. The silence of the classroom is so loud that focus is impossible.

After an attack lands her in the wrong bathroom, Sam meets Eli who offers to provide help. Faced with the return of her possessive ex-boyfriend and the blossoming of a new romance, Sam must find the strength inside herself to face her anxieties head on.

And here's the cover. I can't help but think "We're gonna need a bigger boat," when I look at that wave, about to metaphorically manhandle sweet Samantha there on the beach. Stay strong girl, Eli's comin'! Check out Lindsay's Goodreads page to read more about Sam, Eli and the much anticipated Don't Panic!

I think Lindsay's Eli is a pretty cool guy, but this is such an awesome song, that I'd thought I'd share it with y'all. (Since I'm so late to the cover reveal party, I'd better try to add some value!) Laura Nyro, another amazing teenage artist, wrote and recorded her amazing song "Eli's Coming" in 1968, when she was 21. Don't panic if you've never heard of Laura, just take this opportunity to check out her soulful and intense style.

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  1. Love the cover. Cannot wait to read this and finish Lindsay's Bold as Love series since I adored book 1. Thanks so much for sharing, Fred! :)