Friday, January 30, 2009

Coolest place on earth, maybe?

This is the Morningstar76 Coffee Shop in East Grand Rapids Michigan. Pound for pound it is the vibe-iest, most soulful place I have ever been in. This is where I met Drew Nelson, the singer/songwriter. This Saturday the girl working at the counter wrote a note and left it on the counter. It started out like this: "Darling. I walked 2,353 steps just to be with you today." I don't remember the rest, except it ended with "P.S. You look very pretty today." I thought it was pretty cool - like performance art or something -- that she just left that on the counter for customers to read. It certainly made me feel welcome! The pictures don't really do justice to quite how grungy the place is though, and also don't convey the overwhelming fragrance/pall of cigarette smoke that pervades everything. It's like being in a university cafe in France back in the 70's - my yardstick for measuring smokiness!

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